Welcome to my site. You have discovered the home of Edmonton's only true VIP escort and companion. If you are seeking a discreet, memorable and extraordinary encounter with a young lady who is the pinnacle of perfection, search no further. You have found her!

About me

"Absolute perfection"  "A mind-blowing experience"  "Everything she says she is and more"
These are not my words, but just a sample of what my clients have said about me...

I am a unique person. Very unique, in fact. I have often been described as someone not typical of this industry. I am well-spoken, mature and sophisticated, yet I am an extremely grounded and humble person. I do not judge others, and am very content with life.

You will find me to be very bubbly - the type of girl that you just can't help but be happy around. I am a lot of fun, and most certainly a bit on the wild side. I have an insatiable sex drive and this occupation is nothing short of perfect for someone with my "issue"!

I am a tiny little thing. Short, petite, pretty, and a little bit over 100lbs. I am blessed with a chest that is unusually large for a person of my stature, and I must admit with complete modesty that they are fantastic. But don't let my small size fool you. There is A LOT of sexual energy pent up in this tight little body, and I need someone just like you to help me release it.



I am sure you have a question or two for me. The ones I am asked the most are listed below. If you want to know more, please send a message or even call me. I would love to talk to you!

Seriously, is this for real?
Oh yes, it certainly is. My site is real, and so am I. Remember, I am different. In a mind-blowing, knee buckling, leave you quivering in a puddle of your own sweat kind of way. And for those who don't like that passive stuff, I can be more aggressive.
Are you professional?
Very! I am a fun and outgoing person. However I take what I do very seriously, as well as my clients. I look professional, I act professional, and am professional. I just happen to love what I do and my enthusiasm reflects that.
What kind of services do you offer?
I offer most anything your heart desires. I am that girl you have always fantasized about, but am very real. My exploits are so legendary that I have always believed I would shock a porn star. As long as it is safe and nobody gets harmed, there are not many activities I won't partake in.
Are you available for in-calls? Out-calls?
Right now I primarily do out-calls. I will discreetly come to your residence or hotel. In-calls can be booked but you will have to contact me for more information.
Do you only see men?
I like men and women equally. And couples. And groups. And stags. I don't discriminate and again, as long as it is safe, there are not many encounters I won't involve myself in.
What about my privacy?
Your privacy is as important to me as mine should be to you. I have extremely affluent clients who demand discretion and it is given to each and every one of them. Agencies and studios are required to keep records of their appointments and clients. I am not, and I never will. I hope you understand the importance and significance of this.
Are your pictures real?
Yes they are. And the only retouching was the blurring of my face. No, I am not difficult to look at. Quite the opposite, in fact. Due to the nature of what I do, and for discretion, I have to take precautions to protect my identity. Have no fear, you will like the way I look. My mother thinks I am kinda cute. ;) Also, I don't use fake or retouched pictures because I am blessed and don't have to.
Where are you located?
I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. However I am available for travel not only locally but internationally as well. I am extremely sophisticated when it comes to travelling and am your ideal travel companion. Plus I look pretty darn good in a bikini! *hint*
Are you intimidating?
HELL NO! I am one of the most grounded and down-to-earth people you will ever meet. I am extremely humble, know who I am, and where I came from. I do not judge others, and consider myself your equal, not your better. I am extremely easy to talk to, and almost nerdy in a way. Although I definitely don't look like one. Not that nerds are bad or anything like that!
Do you accept gifts?
Hey, I am female, of course I do! But I don't have a wish list or anything like that. I have always thought begging was tacky, and completely unneccesary considering you are paying for my companionship.
Do you have more pictures?
Yes. 100's of them!
Can you send me some?
Can I send you a picture of me and my cock?
No. I am sure it is beautiful and something you are very proud of, but maybe save it for Tinderellas. :)
Ok, how do I book you?
You can contact me by e-mail or call me directly. We will have a very friendly chat, exchange some information, and I will arrive at your door as per our arrangement. On time. With discretion. And ready to tear you apart!

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